Win the Game with Energy- Packed, Homemade Electrolyte Drink Recipes

make your own electrolyte drink


You’re Not Doing Anyone,  Any Favors

Buying Those Gatorade Drinks!

Surprising?  Read on….


 I would secretly pat myself on the back watching my son guzzle that sports drink.

It was our little game. If I bought him one of those trendy electrolyte replacement drinks we were reaching a compromise.

Instead of the cheapo sugary sodas he  hassled me nonstop about ,  I would meet him half way and  agree to fork over the extra bucks


 Always feeling  pretty victorious  for getting the upper hand in the deal.


Way to go me!!   BIG HIGH-FIVE!

What a smart, healthy mommy was I !

I was teaching  him to make good choices.  


At least, so  I thought!

After all, it’s a really easy mistake to make.

The commercial electrolyte drinks

 (some call them sports drinks, some rehydration drinks-  but you know the ones I mean..)
 don’t taste overly sweet; 
and they do  have an athlete on the label;

Therefore, they must be a better choice over pop.  Right?  




  As you may  be already suspecting

(one glance at the long words, on the very long ingredient label is all it takes) 

most store bought  electrolyte drinks  are not the best beverage choice for you,  

your health, your fitness goals or your kiddos.

(Ever looked at one of those sports drink and found yourself asking

 “How exactly do they get  it THAT COLOR??”  )


So, as a mom, a health coach and a weekend athlete,

I ventured off on a mission.


A Mission to Uncover:


check-redWhat are electrolytes ( and electrolyte drinks) really?


  check-red  Do we need them?   If so….What in the world for?


check-redWhere do we get them?


check-red And most importantly~ How do I ditch the nasty store bought stuff and replace it with drinks that taste amazings,

work the same  (if not   better) and NOT have my kids roll their eyes at me!


I am thrilled to tell you that my mommy -mission was beyond successful!

I found all my answers;

Plus, over 160 yummy recipes!

(that’s equals a different tasty drink after each workout for SIX months)


If You’re Excited to Get Your Hands on These Recipes,

 Then Skip Ahead and Receive Over 160 RECIPES, Now! 



I knew electrolytes were incredibly important for health,

But I seriously had no idea they were this important…


Because my own interest and expertise was in natural health,

I understood that your body thrives on  premium nutrition.

I was familiar with the  buzz word … “ELECTROLYTES” (it’s been getting pretty popular, yes?)

I also knew electrolytes had  a lot to do with dehydration and – if you  exercised, were ill

or spent the day in the sun- you would need to replace lost electrolytes.

But, that was the extent  of my electrolyte education.


What I did discover clarified so much confusion

and wrong understanding.

I became fascinated and needed to learn more!


First of all, there is absolutely no hokus- pokus or mystery about electrolytes.

None. What. So. Ever.

They are  simple to understand, and if I can… you sure can too.

What a relief to know that  I can chose to make my own  electrolyte replacement drinks

– and pass on the commercially-made drinks- and there is no scary risk of screwing up my health.

Quite the opposite actually.

I am positively convinced that homemade electrolyte replacement drinks

( because of the real ingredients)

beat the store bought competitors



I also discovered that we all NEED electrolytes


  I discovered our beautiful bods need electrolytes to function just as importantly as we need air and water.

Running yourself low in electrolytes (as many people do, completely unaware)

can lead to a whirl wind of medical problems.

Judging by the billions of  bottles of Gatorade, Powerade,
and other-guy “ade” that are sold

(Did you know that Gatorade alone sells over 3 billion bottles in the US every year!) 

 we intuitively KNOW that we need them.


But knowing that we need electrolytes, just isn’t enough.
We  need to understand them, how they work, why they work;
and we need the inside scoop on how to take optimum advantage of all this electrolytes goodness!

Do you know what else I noticed was odd,
While uncovering all my answers?

(this is the really important part)

  I also noticed that – although there is a wealth of solid information about electrolytes-

there was NO WHERE to quickly access all the answers I was looking for!

I had to dig and search for weeks, to get it all straighten around in my head;

and I had an even harder time finding a handful of creative nutritious recipe ideas!

Sadly, awesome electrolyte drink recipes were scarce

and the ones I did find were very similar to each other.


That’s why I decided to put all the information that I found – everything that you will need to know 

about electrolytes in this ” Guide to Homemade Electrolyte Drink Recipes” ebook.

It is  the complete resource to understanding and de-mystifying electrolytes; for everyone who needs electrolytes.

There is no other book like this… I know, I looked high and low for it.


Now, please, know that  that I’m not an rocket-scientist and I don’t write for rocket -scientists.

Instead, inside this book you will find a straight forward, non- technical,

un-intimidating explanation of electrolytes,

and what  the heck they’re doing inside your body.

 I am of the firm belief that if you understand something

(instead of just being told about something)

 that knowledge becomes a doorway to limitless possibilities.

For example, I am going to teach you how turn just about any beverage into an electrolyte rich drink.

That way, you will always be armed and ready to nourish and heal; come heat, exhaustion or illness.

With this incredible resource you will walk away a completely- equipped electrolyte genius !


And talk about being equipped!


Begin to imagine the potential  this knowledge gives to any of these every day scenarios :


star2    The impressive growth you’ll see in your fitness goals when you start flooding your body with life giving, chem- free, nutrient rich,   post-work out drinks. ( while everyone else keeps chug a lugging the processed stuff)

star1    Peace of mind  for expecting mommies  knowing their “labor-aide” drinks are helping knit together a strong, healthy baby.

ast2    Being the only family that doesn’t get flattened for a week with  brutal bouts of the stomach flu every season. Or recovers lightening fast if you do.

  star2 Offer help and hope to loved ones  at risk for electrolyte deficiencies.  If you have seniors in your family or those battling chronic illnesses, you need this info or you need to get this info into their hands.  ( I really wish I had known this before my dad passed away)

  star1 Do you ever take holidays? Balmy Vacations?  Have you ever had a day at the beach cut short because someone got hot and cranky? I have such vivid memories of the family trip we made to the fair (a 2 day trip and lots of $$$) only to call it quits, disappoint the kids, pack up and go home within hours because an adult  got violently ill from the heat. Never again.

  ast2 What about your furry babies?  Dehydration can KILL your little cat or dog faster than your worst night mare. Would you know how to recognize it? Let alone  what to do for them?  How helpless does it feel looking into your faithful friend’s big brown eyes, not knowing what to do for them.  One evening of reading and you would be ready to think fast in an emergency.

  star2 Sick but can’t drink or eat your electrolytes?  No problem.  There is a super sneak plan C to get your electrolytes in!-
Don’t worry! Its not up there 🙂

  star1 What would if feel like to be the only one NOT regretting the night before, the morning after?  You can brew your own HANG-OVER CURE for pennies! ( maybe you could tease your drinking buddies as they bumble through the next morning and you’re feeling like a million bucks?   )

ast2   Being able to save some money and the satisfaction of snubbing your nose at the conglomerate corporate drink manufacturers!  And being knowledgeable  enough to know which products to buy, if you ever  find yourself needing to buy an electrolyte  replacement product in a hurry (YES! There are some good ones out there)

star2  How about just showing off your skills in the grocery store simply by being an electrolyte guru!!
You’ll know which everyday food are actually electrolyte goldmines! But better than that, how about being introduced to some action packed supplements and natural secrets, that will expand your electrolyte expertise?


star1Know what works best in the wee hours of the night, to help the kiddos rally from the flu, heat exhaustion, or motion sickness. There is actually a  minty supplement drink that my kids asked for all the time when they were growing and still drink it, as adults. It is literally life in a bottle, and it was one of the few things they would take when they were feeling  run down and sick. It saved me many long nights sitting by their bedsides.  I tell you all about it inside these pages.



Then,  go ahead, download your own copy of 

“Guide to Homemade Electrolyte Drinks” now.

Be certain you have this arsenal of life -building recipes and tools,

 immediately at your finger-tips

when life’s little emergencies take you by surprise

Guide to Electrolyte Drinks




PS~ I am so thankful for the clarity and understanding I’ve gotten about electrolyte thru the information in this book.

I feel I am so better prepared to combat the risks of dehydration and sickness, than I ever was before.

Personally, I LOVE these recipes.

 I have found them immensely valuable in my home and many others have the same comment. (at the time I’m writing this, I’m expecting a very dear -but very sick- pregnant  gal friend to visit for the weekend and I am going to brew  some of these same drinks for her)

But of course, there may be some of you who may not love them as much as we do.

Or you may not feel it was what you were looking for.

If that is ever the case, simply contact me- I’ve made my info available- for a complete refund. No questions asked. Only my sincerest apologies.

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